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About Powerfone Communications

Project Management

Powerfone’s Project Managers will administer all aspects of cost control, budget allocation, reporting and contract letting.

Powerfone’s staff take pride in achieving a very high standard in the quality of our work. To maintain our standards, regular checks are performed during and at the completion of every job by our trained staff.

Crucial to the efficient management of our projects is the implementation of quality control methods, supervision of staff and consistent communication with the client. Our service is personalized and we keep in touch to ensure that the service we provide is at an optimum level. We strive to keep our clients satisfied as our number one priority, and we will make every attempt to provide quality of services exemplified by professionalism, high standards and efficiency.

Site Team

Recognising the intricacies of project work, we will allocate suitably qualified and accredited personnel to deliver to scope. We will ensure all relevant WH&S and site procedures are met. Our site team will operate under the control of the team manager and shall form an integral part of a comprehensive Project team.


Powerfone Communications has developed a strong safety culture and is committed to the Health and Safety of its employees, contractors and customer alike. All of our staff are trained at accredited training institutes and are provided with the up to date information and ongoing training to ensure that all projects are completed according to specifications and are performed using safe working practices using appropriate safety gear.